Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Need HUGS (I'm motivated)

Now-post I'll try to speak in English  
actually I'm not the good one, but if I'm wrong in spelling please don't mind to correct me :)
don't just say without me know
(maunya belajar,, klo gak pernah salah kapan belajarnya :p)

Today I started to apply for many Job (I mean Job as a employee in a company), yes, as you know I have my own small business in scarf fashion product,, 
honestly it is need a some capital for keep it up and stay for long last time 
and I must have to work
I Love my small business so I must strive for keeping it always been there
and for a crucial reason, I need a friend , actually A HUGE from a friend , no needs many friend, just a kind of nice friend
only in company Job I'll get them 
need laughing, hang out , and anything happiest moment in this life , which we can do together 
Aaah I'll miss that soooo much :( 

Miss the struggle in deadline,, traffic jam and others , because 
this note is make me thinking that is true

adalah suatu tantangan yang harus dimenangkan
kesusahan yang harus diatasi
rahasia yang harus digali
tragedi yang harus dialami
kegembiraan yang harus disebarkan
cinta yang harus dinikmati
tugas yang harus dilaksanakan
romantika yang harus dirangkul
risiko yang harus diambil
lagu yang harus dinyanyikan
anugerah yang harus dipergunakan
impian yang harus diwujudkan
perjalanan yang harus diselesaikan
janji yang harus dipenuhi
kesempatan yang harus dipakai
persoalan yang harus dipecahkan
kesulitan yang harus dikalahkan
rahmat yang harus dipelihara dan dicintai

Yess it was a Merry Riana Mom's note
so beautiful, encouraging, enlightening
my life too

This is video of Merry Riana when she was in Seminar The Power of Dreams, at Universitas Ciputra Surabaya, 11 Agustus 2012. 


 my tears is falling down when I watch her video
knowing that my efforts is less, bellow on standard 

thank you Mrs. Merry Riana 

this is key of success

(dedikasi , Usaha, Inisiatif, Tuhan)

(Capital, Contact, Capability) 

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