Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day One

Today is my first day to go on a diet mayo :)
and this will last for 14 days,,
Pray for me,,,
I've often put off doing this, because how could all day without eating rice, but after one day my friend on twitter warned that obesity is the source of all disease, I started thinking if I should lose my weight to my ideal weight size.
After weighing, and calculating how much should my ideal weight to height 158 cm, so I had to lose at least 12 kg,,, what? should be as much huh?? T_T
I should be excited to start it, hopefully this mayo diet can help me, at least reduce my weight up to 5 pounds in one month
  I do exercise, but it's been three months now I exercise my weight is increasing results
hmmm is it because the food intake so more and more, Ahahahaha :D
  InsyaAllah I'll report everyday what happened and what I feel. if on the first day is Alhamdulillah nothing happened just frequent urination only, and is reasonable because water consumption so more and more.
but here I combine existing recipe with the addition of fruits,, I hope I succeed, hihihihi Amiin
FIGHTING!!!!! (^_^")y 


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