Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Sweetest Weekend

Last Friday I picked Mr. D at the airport with his father 
He said that the plane will land at 11: 30 am, so his father told me that we should go an hour earlier 

Due to coincide with Friday prayers, his father asked permission to attend prayers at a mosque near the airport 
 and I waited him alone
actually he had landed safely at 11: 25 am, but just out of the passenger arrival twenty minutes later
I was shocked when he went out 
Mr. D lengthen the beard X_X
need to take a long time to recognize him :p *lebay

Sorry I did not take pictures when with him
because he's doesn't like in the photo 

But I'll share what I wore when I meet and spend (rare) Saturday night with him 

when in airport

when spend a saturday night 
thank you so much for a meaningful three days Mr D
will meet you soon on 27th October ^^
in my sister Wedding 

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