Thursday, September 15, 2011

Allah just enough for me and you :)

hai everyone,, how is your day??
hope everything is fine yaa,,,,
today I wana share you about my amazing experience yesterday
I have a meeting yesterday in the area for a school project which is also my first project,,, pray for me Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, wish me luck
Meeting went very tough and long,,, and suddenly I get that I have only one month deadline,, drawings reinstall everything, measuring the land from the beginning,, make the existing building and at the same do redesign, as well as building's maquet , O Allah hopefully,,, though my hands were just two inshaAllah I tried did not work alone, Amiinn
along the journey I kept thinking how could finish in a month because my computer is really no support for running 3D programs, and imagine I had to buy materials to make maquet,,, hmm dizzy immediately,,,
To reach the area takes an hour, the meeting takes two hours, and it took another hour for the trip home
 in the middle way home we stopped to pray maghrib,
after prayer I saw a charity box,, looking for money in my pocket who knows there is money hidden, because at that time I did not bring my wallet, I leave it in the car
Alhamdulillah was there any money :)
I originally put some of it, but immediately flashed the words "buy your difficulties with the sedekah",  
 I put all straight without seeing again,,,
 after I got home I fell asleep, a few hours later I awoke with the sound of sms mobile, semi-conscious from waking I opened a credit on my savings that there is a nominal rather, I thought it was a dream so I slept again, turned out to sms rang again and it from my sister,,, "it is to buy a computer CPU, may be useful for you sister"
Alhamdulillah,,, Allah hears my prayer right then and there and make it easier at same time, This is called the power of Sedekah
“Katakanlah wahai Muhammad sesungguhnya Tuhan-Ku memewahkan rezeki bagi sesiapa yang dikehendaki-Nya antara hamba-Nya dan Ia juga yang menyempitkan baginya, dan apa saja yang kamu dermakan maka Allah akan menggantikannya dan Dia sebaik-baik pemberi rezeki” (Saba’ – 39).
Ya Allah tak terbayangkan betapa malunya hamba,, sedang hamba hanya sedikit membagikan di jalanmu, tetapi Engkau menggantinya denga berlipat-lipat,, Subhannallah,,,,, 
Cukuplah hanya Allah bagiku dan semoga bagimu juga ya everyone :*

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